What kind of product sells best in the UK? Which tour operators can fill 200 rooms with just one month’s notice? Which market delivers the highest rate in the summer? When do tour operator brochures launch in Germany? When is peak season for the Russian market?

We are the only representation company with an in-depth working knowledge of markets throughout the UK and Europe. Our team is made up of experts native to these markets and fluent in their language. That means we’re uniquely positioned to answer these kinds of questions, and many more.

We help our clients to:

  • understand the different ways each European market operates
  • connect the right product to the right distribution at the right time
  • know what kind of product sells - and where
  • understand who their competitors are and stay one step ahead of them
  • position their products in the right tour operator programmes.

Find out how our knowledge could help you:

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“Cara is one of the most professional organisations AMResorts have ever worked with. They love what they do and they have in-depth knowledge of the clients and the markets they work with.”

Colette Baruth
Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management at AMResorts