What our clients and industry partners have to say about us.

Colette Baruth
Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management at AMResorts

“Now, this is the kind of company you really want to work with. I know I can count on Cara for an honest opinion. They tell me what I need to know. Not what I want to hear. I really appreciate their honesty and commitment.

We function as one team with Cara across the Atlantic. Cara is one of the most professional organisations AMResorts has worked with. They love what they do and they have in-depth knowledge of the clients and the markets they work with.”

Zoe Lara
Director of International Sales & Distribution at AMResorts

“Their sales and marketing bundle is truly unique - they manage to combine great sales and creative marketing into one tool, which isn’t common to find. I’ve never come across such a well-developed team before. They’re the perfect storm.

Cara takes care of AMResorts in all of our UK & European markets. They understand how to adapt our needs with those of the markets they are working in. What’s more, they provide a great return on our investment”.

Alvaro Lopez de Haro
Regional Commercial Director for the Mexican Caribbean at AMResorts

“They provide ongoing market intelligence, implementing the right strategies at the right time, expanding our contracting network and increasing brand awareness. Their reports offer a clear and easy way to gain a sound understanding of the market pulse and trends. They help us to see where we stand, and where we need to focus.”

Katharina Schirmbeck
General Manager Product Management and Trading Longhaul, TUI Germany

“Whenever you ask them a question, they know the answer. They’re a hub of information, combining knowledge of the European tourist market, the products, and the companies they work for.

They’re always helpful and quick to react. And, crucially, they’re loyal to the companies they work for. They have integrity. They are always true to themselves.

During the last three years they’ve grown a lot. But to me, our relationship still feels exactly the same.”

Stefanie Kammerer
Sales Promotions Manager XL Airways France

“I would highly recommend Cara for their professionalism, courteous business relations and their well organised sales activities. They manage to identify themselves with a brand, much more than just representing a brand - I think they really live it. They think and act as the company they represent. You don't think of them as representation, they ARE the brand.

If Cara had a superpower, I’d say it’s their ability to perform magic. They support us strategically in many ways and their connections have really helped me. They have such a great knowledge of the industry.”

Pippa Jacks
Editor, Travel Trade Gazette, UK

“I've been working with Cara Hotel Marketing for more than nine years, across various clients. In that time, I've really seen the agency's profile, and its team, grow. Whether working with the PR team on editorial stories, or working with the marketing team on bespoke commercial campaigns, I've always found Cara to be creative, dynamic, efficient and reliable. And – in an industry where relationships are so important – a pleasure to work with, to boot!”

Georges Esteves
Buying Director Vacances Transat & Look Voyages, France

“The team is very professional, proactive, always aware of the market and actions to improve sales.”

Martina Beeken
Director of Latin America & Caribbean Division, Meiers Weltreisen Germany

“These are people who know the European Market. They are very good on contracting, pricing and seasonality. They work in partnership with us and always listen to what we have to say. And if we need them to, we know they’ll fight for us.

If I have a problem, I call them and they help. There’s no time difference and it’s a huge advantage to have someone who’s on the same time zone as us.

If I need a favour for a very important customer, or if I have a problem with a reservation, I don’t have to speak to the general manager to explain my reasons. I just drop an email to Cara and say ‘help me.’”

Sabrina Cambiaso
Director of the Dominican Republic Tourist Board in the UK

“I’ve worked so closely with Cara over the past ten years that sometimes it’s felt as though we’re office colleagues, rather than industry colleagues. The team has grown immensely over the years. But communicating with them is always the same. They’re only ever a phone call away.

They always go the extra mile - it would be impossible to pinpoint just one occasion.

I can go to a travel agent and tell them about the Dominican Republic - and I know that Cara will go in and complement what we’ve said.

They’ve made our job so much easier - it’s been fantastic to have James and the team on board.”